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The Czaritza at Quebec
The Czaritza at Quebec. Photo courtesy of: Navrat Československých Legií


From Valcartier, some boarded ships in Quebec City and some in Halifax to deliver them to Germany.
The Czaritza departed Quebec for Europe on July 9 with 186 officers, 1,824 troops, 7 women, 2 children and 2 Russian bears on board. They reached Cuxhaven Germany where they boarded trains on July 19, travelling through Germany where they faced protesting locals but were greeted enthusiastically by fellow countrymen in Podmokly Czechoslovakia.

The Valencia followed from Quebec, carrying 52 officers, 628 troops and a pony.

The Minnekahda sailed from Halifax with the bulk of the freight, 100 officers and 3,570 men and the Belgic completed the troop movement leaving Halifax in mid July, carrying 93 officers and 2,604 men.

The last of the 7th Regiment made it home to Nitra on July 31, 1920, and were given a well deserved three-month vacation.

After concluding some business in New York on July 31, 1920, Colonel Vuchterle steamed to England aboard the White Star Liner Baltic completing the repatriation exercise and the Czecho-Slovak Legion’s around the world odyssey.

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